what to do when you feel bored and lonely


well.. hello honey, how are you doing ? i hope good <3

so summer holidays finally started for me! Annnd.. i am dying of boredom and since i have no friends.. i don’t know what to do. So here are my ideas and plans for this summer. I hope maybe I can help someone in a  similiar situation.

  • Do stuff you never had time for.  [Since studying and preaparing for school takes a lot of time I often don’t have the inspiration and time to read or draw. So in the holidays I focus on that.]
  • Do something you always wanted to do but never did. [!!!]
  • Go to Museums and Art Exhibitions
  • and listen to music
  • Go on roadtrips [even if it’s just by train to a little city near yours]
  • find Internet Friends  [I don’t do that tbh but if you are alone and need someone to spend some time with an internet friend is great for that. Just text that guy/ girl who you always thought was super cool!]
  • Cafés [search for new ones. Of course you like the café you always go but something new can be also nice, right ? :))) Just sit down, look at the people, maybe read a book or take your notebook with you]
  • Cinemaaaaaa!  [Again. Look for something new. For example in my city there are cinemas in the basement of cafés and stuff. Also these cinemas often show different movies than regular cinemas do. So maybe find a place where you can watch old films . . . ?] // or watch something at home but cinemas are good for when you want to get out of the house.
  • go swimming [I personally don’t like going to outdoor swimming pools [like the public ones] because .. i don’t know.. it’s weird. So I just looked up some swimming lakes. These are super cute and I prefer them a lil’ over swimming pools.]
  • Theme  and amusement parks ! [I can’t go there alone. I don’t even know why but I am scared hahah. [also they are effing expensive.] But if you like rollercoasters and all that stuff  these parks are perfect for you.]

these are little things literally everyone can do [on a pretty small budget]. If you are like 20 y/o or more, there are, of course, a lot more possibilities.

also if you are bored and you wanna talk, my contact details are in the right corner 

i loooooove you!

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