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Hey Honey,

i really love journaling. And I am always searching for new things and reasons to write in my journal. So here are some! To be quite honest it’s just a list for myself so I don’t forget it..

  • Imagining your dream life and what steps you need to take to get there (So this was a task from one of my teachers but I think it’s really cute. Just write down all the things you want, realistic or unrealistic, it doesn’t matter, just everything you want. And then figure out what you need to do to get those things. What I also found interesting is figuring out why we want those things// the motive behind it.)
  • travel journal/ pages
  • WEDA – Write every day in August (any other month is ok too)
  • How do you spend a rainy day ? // ideal 
  • Your top five favorite movies/ songs
  • Where do you want to be atm/ go (I like planning and traveling so writing down one particular place I want to go to and research everything about it is pretty fun. You can print out pictures of places you want to visit there, write down facts and so on ..)
  • Random Acts of Kindness 
  • Things that make me happy / “What would make me happy right now?”
  • Self Care Page 
  • Self Discovery Questions: How do I feel at the moment (for very bad days to figure out what’s bothering you and very good days to always remember them and read when you feel not that great), What do I need more of in my life ?, What am I greatful for, etc.. // Pinterest List
  • Places I want to visit (by that I mean cafés, museums and stuff, so places that are either far away or places nearby, so when you don’t know what to do/ where to go you can just choose a place from your list)

I like to dedicate at least one page to a single topic/ question and really get in depth with it, even with questions like “How do you spend a rainy day?”. Try for example capturing a particular atmosphere with pictures and so on..

Do you want to see digital versions of my journal pages ?

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