body images // love yourself

Hourglass Figure, Diamond-, Apple-, Oval-, Pear-, Triangle Shape. Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, Mesomorphs . . .

There are curvy girls, girls with a thigh gap,  girls with big boobs, small boobs, boys with some belly, boys with a sixpack, skinny boys, short boys, tall boys.

The internet is full of fatspo, thinspo and fitspo post. There are people #proana and people against it. And I could continue the list of body images because there are million of them. And I am not even exhaturating because these people are all unique and everyone has a different body

and i know it is so hard to love yourself. But it’s so worth it. People are so focused on their body and how they look, they forget everything else. Your body is so much more. It is there so you can use it! So the beautiful soul of yours can move on this planet. You are supposed to dance, to laugh, to kiss, to eat, to create.

I am not telling you to eat all the burgers you can get. I tell you to be healthy and not die at 20 because of over- or undereating. I tell you to be nice to your body and if you need that jar of ice cream EAT IT! Enjoy it!

AND. Stop blaming your body for everything. Don’t tell yourself “Oh I am fat. He won’t like me.” “Or he doesn’t like me because I am ugly.” NO! Don’t tell yourself everything gets better as soon as you have the “perfect body”. You are perfect right now. Don’t stop yourself from things you want to do just because you think you are too fat because you are never too fat to be happy.

Embrace your body and all your pimples, stretch marks and scars. They show you have lived.

I get so sad telling beautiful people that they are not fat and not ugly. And even sadder when they don’t believe me!

i love you <3

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