I missed you before you’d gone.

I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside of me, there will always be the person I am tonight.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald; Tender is the Night

“And on nights like this, I must write letters to you that I cannot send.”

Lukas W. // Unsent letters


Hellow you guys

I recently wrote an article named “Get your shit together” in which I mention making mood boards to find inspiration. Since I am a little sad today I am creating the mood board right now. Just wanted to let you know the posts kinda belong together. ^-^ I am thinking about making an own category on my blog named “mood” or something where you will be able to find different mood boards. Should I?

Also send me your mood boards and posts you think I’d like.

Also message me in general. I need friends hahah.

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Hi. I hate my life. And myself.

Okay I am kidding it is not that bad. But I feel like I need a whole lot of change, since my life is getting boring and old. (I am an Aquarius don’t judge me.) (And YES. I BLAME MY STAR SIGN, JUDGE ME)

But we all know the beautiful concept that is the human motivation.

It doesn’t exist if you need it.

In my case it only appears if I am pissed.

Maybe I should get a therapist.

SO. I want to change my life, summer break is coming up, I have one exam left to write and life is great. There’s no better time to change my life than now.

So how do you a) get your ass up b) find a will to live and c) change you life for the better?

I don’t fucking know but here’s a mood board.


1. Find Inspiration.

And by that I don’t mean scroll bored and sad through Instagram. I mean sit up comfy in your bed or at your desk and open up WeHeartIt, Pinterest or whatever and look for Inspo.

I often experience having an image, a mood or atmosphere in my head but being unable to quite grasp what it is. So spending some time looking around websites may either give the idea you already have a shape and name, or give you a whole new perspective on what you want.

Disclaimer for Moodboards: We spend alot of time envisioning what we want exactly, that we take the interesting part of moodboards away. The Mood. Go for pictures, quotes, videos etc. that show the atmosphere you later want to convey through your lifestyle, clothes etc. Don’t just copy paste someone elses life.

Also: Again. We try to describe things to specifically. When describing something you can use words that you usually wouldn’t use, for example colors. (I mean we all know the expression “feeling blue”)

I recently saw an ad by Headspace in which they called one of their “podcasts” (??) “rainday antiques” AND OH BOY DO I LOVE THAT EXPRESSION


I know, I KNOW. But listen. Not only does the right track give your life the right sound track, but it also may change your mood and give you a sense of “changing” something. Even it is just a new playlist.

I think in terms of being your own and a new human being, you need your own interests and hobbies. And since we’ re all spending too much time on Netflix anyways we can at least create a new topic to talk about.

Try out a new genre, look for what you really LOVE. I often find myself not even being able to talk about movies (which actually can be very interesting) although I watch so many of them. Nowadays movies and series have becoming our crisps. We inhale them, without being able to stop and afterwards there’s just nothing but fat. (Bad Metaphor? Yeah I know) But you know what I mean right? Movies should become the expensive chocolate you eat once a year. Something special. Something enjoyable. Yes I love doing my homework and watching a movie at the same time. But it is quite the point of it.

Taking some time to properly watch a movie, which again may inspire you, is very relaxing and gives the act of watching something it’s old meaning back. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

Especially if you are like me and lose interest in about 5 seconds, this is a good training for you and your brain to calm down from the fast pace that is the modern world with all it’s technology. It is proven that our attention span shortens because of phone use and multitasking.

I think I haven’t seen a movie or series I REALLY loved in a while (last summer: iZombie). But having that may also be a coping mechanism in bad times. And i mean, being able to cuddle up and watch Harry Potter AND feel better afterwards sounds great, right?

3. New Look ?

I am broke so let’s skip that one. But we all know the concept of going shopping when one feels bad and changing something up in your looks.

Your body is a temple

as some would say. You have to spend every second of the day with that bitch. Might as well love it.

4. Plan a trip

Disclaimer: I am a student. If I say I can afford it with a little effort, you can too.

Yes I just said I am broke. But prioritising where you spend your money is actually a good way to feel better on the long term. I have an app (1Money) to track my expenses and oh boy do I feel bad when I see how much money I spend on food and going out.

Too much. Way too much.

So what do we do? Stop eating out that much (duh). I know it is often the only idea you have when going out. Don’t restrict. But it won’t hurt to consider whether or not you need that 5$ Coffee (YOU MOST LIKELY HAVE A COFFEE MACHINE AT HOME)

So back to the topic. Call a friend. In my case I have been neglecting people in my life anyway because I am an unsocial anxious bitch, so that’s great. Call and ask if they want to go to Paris with you for two days. And if they say no.. end that friendship.

Just kidding. No but really. We often feel alone, not because we are alone physically, but emotionally. But while feeling emotionally alone we ignore people who actually could be there for us.

And about money. Being broke is more fun anyways. Look for a place that isn’t that far away. In my case it was Paris, Vienna or Amsterdam (yAs cHliChÉ). If you look on the right websites you can find VERY cheap and affordable train/ plane/ bus tickets. D

Don’t go for luxury, go for practical and simple.

Hotel: Same situation. Go for clean and good quality but simple. You only need to sleep there and as long as there aren’t any cockroaches and spiders because the room hasn’t been cleaned for about 100 years, you’re good. Also I think sharing a room is cheaper so go for that.


I swear to god that’s my biggest mistake I always do. You planned a trip for two to four days. Take a map and visit every street. You won’t even have the time to go to expensive restaurants. Two to three cheap meals a day is totally fine and for drinking you take a bottle of water with you. Easy.

Also: Take a disposable camera with you, you know the ones you have like 50 pictures on and then you have to get them developed ? YAAS. It will make the act of taking pictures much more precious (since you won’t take a picture of every fucking stone you see) and you have memories you can look back on. And let’s be honest analog photos are much more romantic and beautiful than digital ones.

5. Redo your room

This used to be my go to way to cope with things. As soon as I was upset I would move my whole ass furniture around and redecorate my room. Nowadays I love my room too much to change a lot. BUT. A new self means getting rid of the past. And trust me it feels so good and freeing to throw away 60% of your stuff! You’ll feel lighter, have new room for other stuff and also learned to let go. (I never tried the Marie Condo Concept and probably never will cause I hate rules and y’all know about it anyways, so I won’t go further on the topic BUT IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT. THERE’S A NETFLIX SERIES)

And omg you know what? Another mood board. This time for your room in particular. Again. Don’t go for “I want that in concrete (that’s not how you say it, right? tangible?)” but more for the overall mood and little ideas you can use. Do your own thing.

6. Be productive

Yup. I know it sounds ridiculous to some and I know saying it won’t make you get out of your bed, but being productive honestly makes you feel better. That’s just facts.

Being productive is a very broad term, so you can do what ever you want. You can be productive either mentally or physically. For me it is actually both.

My goals:

– go for a run (at least once a week)

– drawwwwwww (I need to start my portfolio anyways)


Set little goals. You can make your bed and tell yourself you’re not allowed to touch it until you go to sleep (watching a movie in the evening is okay. But keep in mind doing anything in your bed (no, I am not referring to sex) than sleeping may interfere with your sleeping cycle! So consider your couch or somewhere else (if possible)). By doing so you are forced to be at least a liiiittle productive, because you are more likely to get bored.

7. Dream

The present is great. And we should definitely live in the present. But dreaming is an addition we shouldn’t miss. Dreaming of the future and romanticising things is what keeps many of us alive and on our feet. Imagine what your first/ or next flat/ house will look like, you next tattoo, piercing, kids, husband. I DON’T KNOW.

It’s okay to romanticise the small things about your day- to- day life. It’s okay to romanticise sleeping in, waking up to the sun tickling your skin. It’s okay to romanticise the texture of fingers against a page. Sometimes to save your day you need to romanticise sitting at a desk and working, or romanticise studying hyped up on coffee. It’s okay to picture yourself as if you were the mc in a movie. Watch yourself go through shit and know that it’s just the climax of your own story, and that while you sit in your room sobbing to sad songs, good things are just around the corner.

Sometimes to be okay or get through the day you need to romanticise the simple things.

– tumblr

(But don’t dream your exact expectations for the next day. You may get disappointed)